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The village of Veľký Slavkov lies on the southern slope of the High Tatra Mountains in the north-western region of Spiš

The oldest reference to the village was documented in 1251 when the villagers belonged to the Turiec convent. Subsequently in 1271, Slavkov became one of the Spiš cities enjoying the Spiš Saxons Community privileges.

It is a historically known fact that the Slavkov’s common stretched far into the High Tatra Mountains and one of their most famous peaks bears its name – Slavkovský štít (2452 m). Predominantly German in the past – Grosschlagendorf – Veľký Slavkov is a modern village today and its situation makes it an ideal base for visitors to the High Tatras. The Tatra mountains are accessible via the Tatran Electrical Rails, by car and bus alike. The vicinity of Poprad with the international Poprad - Tatry airport and the national railway station ensures excellent accessibility from all directions.